Stained Glass Windows

Help us decide on our stained glass windows design!



UPDATE:  The church board has scheduled a Church Business Meeting for Saturday, May 5, 2018, at 8:05 p.m. for members to decide on the final design.  Members, please plan to attend.

Please view the images below and then vote on:

(1)  One of two color schemes (Earth Tones or Predominantly Blue)

(2)  Dove Medallion "Vision for Mission" Statement element

Note: The depiction of the Dove Medallion on the center window in both color schemes below are examples only.  Either color scheme can have the Vision for Mission statement in Arial or Palatino Linotype font or excluded altogether from the Medallion.

In the near future, the church in business session will make an official selection, partly informed by the voting results here.  That is, this informal poll will not decide the final design -- we will share the outcome as part of our discussions and may be a factor, but the ultimate decision will be made by our membership during a church business meeting to be scheduled soon. 

(For the purpose of this poll, you don't have to be a member to submit your opinion.  It's anonymous and we'd love to learn about overall general preferences.)

Thank you for participating! 

"Earth Tones" color scheme and example of Dove Medallion WITH Vision for Mission Statement:


"Predominantly Blue" color scheme and example of Dove Medallion WITHOUT Vision for Mission Statement:


Dove Medallion with Vision for Mission Statement in ARIAL font:


Dove Medallion with Vision for Mission Statement in PALATINO LINOTYPE font: