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  • The Relationship Between Outdoor Play And Early Childhood Development -Discussions about the benefits of outdoor play for children's physical, social, and cognitive development and provides practical tips for parents and caregivers to encourage outdoor play.

  • Clean And Recovery Scholarship Essay Contest - At, we are dedicated to championing higher education and are thrilled to announce our esteemed college scholarship essay contest. Please click the link above to learn more.

  • A Family's Guide To Keeping Children Safe During Outdoor Activities - This family outdoor safety guide aims to help families with young children stay safe and healthy when going on outdoor adventures. It offers practical information and tips that parents or carers can refer to when assessing situations to prevent injuries and educate kids about safety. Please click on the link above to learn more.

  • A Start-to-Finish Guide to Chicken Farm Disease Prevention - Animal welfare, poultry environment, feed formulation, and additive restrictions are common challenges the poultry industry faces. However, food contamination by pathogens remains the top concern of consumers.  Please click on the link above to learn more.

  • Coupontoaster Scholarship Program - Coupontoaster Scholarship Program is an initiative that comes from Our aim is to promote education and knowledge, we are extending our hand to support education!  We are setting aside a substantial amount, ranging from $2000 to $5000 each semester, to assist students in financing their education. This amount can be put towards tuition, textbooks, or any other educational expenses you might have.  Please click on the link above to learn more.

  • Garage Insiders Student Scholarship Program - The Garage Insiders Scholarship offers a one-time award of $1,000 to cover educational-related costs, including tuition, books, computers, room and board, and other educational expenses.  Please click on the link above to learn more.

  • Discovery Institute - Discovery Institute’s Intensive Outpatient Program offers drug and alcohol addiction treatment for addicts that need to live at home while getting help.  Please click on the link above to learn more (nonprofit corporation).

  • First-Time Dog Owner Guide - This guide explains every key chapter of dog ownership for first-timers in brief so you can welcome the newest member of the household in no time.  Please click on the link above to learn more.

  • 15 Tips for New Dog Owners - This guide covers the basics of dog ownership, including 15 tips for pet parents and a complete new puppy checklist.  Please check on the link above to learn more.]

  • Telehealth Treatment from Evolve Wellness - When dealing with a mental health disorder, it can be daunting to reach out for help, let alone ask for it. Fortunately, you are not alone in your struggles, we’re here to help.  Please click on the link above to learn more.

  • Westwind: Behavioral Health Treatment - If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, know that help is available anytime.  There is a  team of treatment professionals ready to offer you support 24/7.  Please click on the link above to learn more.

  • The Power of Comics: How Sequential Art Can Improve Mental Health - Sequential art (coined by Will Eisner in 1985), which includes comics, have been a source of entertainment and inspiration for generations, capturing the imaginations of readers with their vivid illustrations and captivating storylines.  Please click on the link above to learn more.

  • Creating Comics in Therapy - Please click on this link to learn more.

  • BeeKeeping 101 - The Ultimate Beginners Guide - Beekeeping can feel overwhelming for beginners.  The good news is, learning to be a beekeeper is not as complex as it might first seem.  Please click on the above link to learn more.

  • Bayview Recovery Center: Addiction Treatment in Washington - Bayview Recovery Center offers proven outpatient treatment programs at our Tacoma WA drug rehab center. Our services can provide varying levels of care, which allows each client to find an effective and accessible recovery program for them. At Bayview, your recovery includes proven therapies, administered by the most respected addiction specialists in the industry.  Please click on the above link to learn more.

  • Cerebral Palsy Guide: Helping Children with Cerebral Palsy - Cerebral Palsy Guide provides free educational materials, financial resources, and support options for families affected by this condition and other birth injuries.  Please click on the link above to learn more.

  • Eagle Creek Ranch Recovery - As a clinically driven drug and alcohol treatment program in Idaho, we cultivate growth and foster purpose. At Eagle Creek Ranch Recovery, you will learn to rise above your past.  Please click the the link to learn more.

  • How to Choose Energy-Efficient Deck Lighting - Deck lights enhance the beauty, safety, and security of outdoor spaces.  Please click the link to learn how to choose the most efficient lighting for your home.

  • Automotive Troubleshooting - Good automotive troubleshooting skills will make you more successful.  Click the link to learn more.
  • Help for Students with Substance Abuse Issues - Our guide helps students learn about which substances pose the greatest risks to them, the consequences of continuous usage, and steps to overcome addiction.  Please click to learn more.
  • San Diego Detox - Learn more about the indicators of a relapse, common triggers, and drug relapse signs in this guide.
  • WellBefore - Endemic Face Masks Guidance - The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advises that children aged 2 years and older should wear a mask in public places, as well as when they are in a crowd of people that do not live in their household. Click on the link to learn more to protect yourself and others.
  • European Respiratory Journal - Since early 2020, face masks have gradually become an integral part of our new-normal lifestyle as a component of the public health and social measures employed during the current coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic. Click the link to learn more.
  • Jaywalker Lodge - Learn more about our expeditions and service programs which are designed to contribute in meaningful ways to your alcohol or drug rehabilitation.
  • MPower Wellness  - Recovery is more than just abstinence. At MPower, we blend innovative forms of treatment with therapy, yoga, and other practices to help patients heal in every area of their lives. When you start your path to sobriety at MPower, you will be supported, inspired, and encouraged to find purpose in every step of the journey.
  • Free by the Sea - Here at Free by the Sea, we make sure to place a focus on treating the underlying mental health issues that co-occur with substance use disorders with rehab programs that are designed with your unique needs in mind.
  •  LPN Training - Here is a website to help people understand the process for becoming a LPN in their state.  Included are resources on LPN programs in each state, each state's specific requirements for becoming a LPN, how to find financial assistance for LPN programs, information about the NCLEX-PN exam, and more.
  • Car Safety for Teens - The teenage years are often the time for parents to hand over the car keys to their children. However, this doesn’t mean their children are inherently prepared for this new responsibility. This guide will help parents and guardians learn effective ways to keep their teen drivers safe behind the wheel. 
  • Substance Abuse Treatment at Northern Illinois - Overcoming addiction requires professional treatment and immense support.  Treatment is a combination of medical care, clinical care, peer support, holistic medicine, and more.  Addiction treatment helps people achieve long-term health and wellness that may have been otherwise unattainable without treatment.
  • Casco Bay Recovery - If you are an Individual who is struggling with an addiction to alcohol, opioids, prescription drugs, and other substances, you can benefit from specialized care. Our team of addiction treatment specialists has the experience needed to help clients no matter where they are on the journey to recovery.
  • Detox Resources - Often, it is said that the first step in recovery is accepting that you have an addiction and making the choice to receive treatment. Please check out this website to learn more.
  • Alcohol Induced Dementia - This is a really important topic because often this illness gets to the point where it interferes with your daily life. We want to help as many people as possible avoid this horrible illness.  We believe you will benefit from our article. Please click on the link to learn more.
  • Self-Harm Treatment - According to the CDC, each year, more than 300,000 people go to the emergency room to treat self-harm injuries. It's vital for families and friends to understand the signs to help someone in danger before it's too late.
  • Maritime Accidents and Injuries - Maritime Injury Center - MIC -is a detailed resource for mariners and military alike -- with info on everything from military to maritime, the Jones Act, and more.  Click on the link above and learn more.

  • Alcoholism Treatment - This free web guide is a resource for people who are looking to take the next step and learn more about recovery. Our objective is to ensure health and wellness within the community. 
  • Directory of Grants for Single Mothers - Listed here are financial assistance programs that help single mothers with rent, utility bills, child care, education, medication, housing, medical bills, and mortgage, among others.
  • Addiction Treatment Lifeline - Addiction Guide is one of the only educational websites founded by a recovering addict, an addict's spouse, and a board-certified addiction doctor.  Over 100,000 Americans have died of a drug overdose during the pandemic, and so we created this website with a clear mission - we want to save lives.  Please click here for more information.
  • Resources for Preventing Memory Loss - The reasons behind memory loss can vary from person to person. For some, it may be due to natural signs of aging, while for others, it may be correlated with early signs of Alzheimer’s or dementia.  Memory loss is common and can happen at multiple stages of life. Luckily, there are various exercises and brain games to improve working memory.  Through this website, you will find information on the different ways to prevent memory loss, information on memory disorders, and additional resources to help spread awareness about memory loss prevention. 


Resources for Senior Citizens

  • BeeKeeping Therapy for Seniors/Veterans  - Seniors and Veterans do not have to accept their limitations as the norm.  To help them deal with the difficulties they are facing and to alleviate the distress they are feeling, beekeeping is introduced as a good therapy. Please click on the link above to learn more.
  • Senior's Guide to Bedroom Fall Prevention - While falls happen everywhere, we want to focus on those that happen in the home, particularly in the bedroom. We spend one-third of our lives sleeping or trying to sleep, so it makes sense to prioritize this room when trying to reduce fall risks.  Please click on the link above to learn more.
  • A Guide to Recognizing and Preventing Life Insurance Scams - Scammers rely on catching their victims off guard and unprepared. Our goal with this guide is to inform your readers on different types of life insurance scams circulating today, so that we may prevent and mitigate the damage they can cause.  Please click above to learn more.
  • DIY Home Modifications for Senior Fall Prevention - Falls are a leading cause of death for older adults and are often preventable. We created this guide to provide simple modifications that can be done in the home to help lower the risk of falls.  Please click to learn more.
  • Safe, Independent Living for Seniors - Living independently doesn't mean you can't ask for help if you need it. There are a wide variety of resources that exist to give you the helping hand you need to maintain your independence at home.  Please click to learn more.
  • Eye Health Guide for Seniors - Around 37 million Americans over 50 have experienced some form of vision loss. With this in mind, we have put together this comprehensive guide, "Eye Health for Seniors: A Guide to Vision Concerns for Aging Eyes". In this guide, we discuss common vision conditions that come with old age, and how to prevent and/or manage them.
  • How to Get Free/No Cost Adult Underwear - The task of choosing the correct bladder control products can be a rather scary task. Between all the different types of products, sizes, absorbency levels and brands, it is understandable that this mission can easily become overwhelming. Please click here to learn more.
  • Bathroom Safety for Seniors and/or Caregivers - The bathroom is often one of the smallest rooms in any given house.  However, at the same time, the potential for injury while in the bathroom is perhaps higher than anywhere else in the home.  Please visit this website to learn more about how to be safe!
  • Promoting Mental Health in Seniors - Mental health is a crucial component of our health in all stages of life and becomes even more important as we age. Our guide was designed to provide seniors, caregivers, and families with the knowledge they need for a healthy mental health environment.
  • How to Keep Senior Citizens Safe from Scams - Our elderly loved ones are some of the most precious people in our lives.  Sadly though, seniors are also some of the most vulnerable, especially when it comes to online scams.  Click here to learn how to protect them.
  • Nutrition Guide for Seniors: Understanding Nutritional Challenges for People over 65.  As people age, their bodies undergo a variety of changes that can affect their ability to digest food and absorb nutrients.  To learn more click here for an extensive guide showing how to better understand and manage the nutrition challenges that many seniors face.
  • Safety for Elderly: The Ultimate Guide.  Many of our older loved ones enjoy their independence. However, it is essential to recognize that aging can introduce safety issues where before there were none. Consult this ultimate guide for senior citizens to ensure senior safety for your loved ones.
  • Online Guide to Senior Care and Wellness - As the Baby Boomer generation transitions into old age, there’s never been a more important time to learn how you can make a difference in the health of senior citizens. Check out the following website to learn what long-term care means for seniors, discover which degrees can lead you to a career in healthy aging, and hear from a gerontology expert about getting involved.
  • Grants for Seniors - A Guide for Seniors and Retirees - This website is an excellent place to learn about the many benefits available to Senior Citizens in many areas of daily life.  Learn about financial help, food and housing assistance, and much more.  Please check this website for more information.
  • Nursing Home and Assisted Living Directory:  At , you will find a compilation of all nursing homes and assisted living facilities across the United States to help individuals identify all available options in their geographic area. You can use the maps on the state pages to scroll to your region, or you can use the tables to search by city or zip code. 
  • Nursing Home Abuse Guide - Nursing home abuse is a horrifying reality happening in our communities and affecting our senior citizens. When we place our elder loved ones in a nursing home, we expect staff members to treat them with dignity and respect. Unfortunately, that's not always the case. With over 15,000 nursing homes housing 1.7 million licensed beds across the United States as of 2016 and current residents totaling upwards of 1.3 million as of 2015, nursing homes and staff need to be held accountable for how they care for our older generations. Therefore, it's crucial to understand what nursing home abuse is, the different types of abuse, signs of abuse, and how to prevent it.
  • (ALT) - ALT's mission is to help the disabled and elderly maximize their healthy years and age gracefully.  With that in mind, ALT recently published a much-needed resource for the growing low-income senior population. To learn more, please click on the link below.
  • Assisted Living Options for Low-Income Elders
  • Senior Housing for Low-Income Residents
  • - Based on conversations with community leaders across the US, many aging adults are unaware of the available care options and programs that can help maintain their independence and quality of life.  So created a free resource that provides information on topics like financial support and care options that are available in Waldorf.  What is most excited about is their comprehensive database of senior living communities which also includes thoughtful and honest reviews from residents in the community.
  •          Assisted Living information
  • Mesothelioma Guide for Seniors -  Mesothelioma Guide provides patients and their loved ones with resources, answers, and information over a wide spectrum of free assistance options.  Please click here: (  to learn how the Guide can help reach more seniors about the risk of mesothelioma, plus resources they can access.


Support for Veterans

  • Guide to Veterans Benefits for Assisted Living and Long-Term Care (2023) - Whether you are a Veteran or not, long-term care costs can add up fast. Fortunately, help may be available for Veterans and their surviving spouses in need of in-home care or living in a facility.  Please click on the link above to learn more.
  • BeeKeeping for Seniors/Veterans - Seniors and Veterans do not have to accept their limitations as the norm.  To help them deal with the difficulties they are facing and to alleviate the distress they are feeling, beekeeping is introduced as a good therapy.  Please click on the link above to learn more.


  • THIS OLD HOUSE:  Veteran-Owned Moving Companies To Consider in 2023 -  Relocating provides a great opportunity to support your community. Most of us think of purging old and unused items and donating to our favorite charities. But working with a veteran-owned moving company is another terrific way to give back. Please the link above to learn more.



  • Mesothelioma Resource Group for Veterans - Veterans can develop mesothelioma after being exposed to asbestos fibers during their military service. Thankfully, the VA offers a wide range of benefits to veterans that developed mesothelioma, asbestosis, lung cancer, and other health problems.


  • A Guide for Veterans Overcoming Substance Use Disorder - One of the most important parts of a veteran's journey to addiction recovery is that they know they're not alone. With this in mind, we've curated a guide to addiction recovery resources specifically for veterans. Our guide includes signs and symptoms of substance abuse, rehabilitation options, therapy programs for substance abuse, financial resources, and other veteran advocacy groups.


  • Veterans and Addiction- Traumatic events such as combat exposure and multiple deployments can cause PTSD, and many experiencing it turn to drugs or alcohol to self-medicate feelings of anxiety and stress.  Our web guide provides information on substance misuse and addiction recovery options for the veteran community. Please learn more by clicking here.


  • Camp Lejeune Water Contamination -  Military personnel who served at Camp Lejeune between 1953 and 1987 were exposed to contaminated water, resulting in deadly illnesses.  An estimated 500k to 1 million veterans and their families have been affected over a 60 year period.  We put together an educational article that describes more about this issue, including the health effects, and how veterans can receive their benefits.  Click on this link to learn more!



  • Guide on Veteran Business Loans.  Veteran-owned businesses make up 9% of companies today, with that number only growing. That's why we created a guide covering everything veterans need to know about business and credit loans.  It includes what qualifications a veteran needs to meet for a loan, different types of loans such as VA or SBA loans, tips on how to apply for loans, and additional financial resources for veterans. There's even an infographic outlining the loan pre-application checklist process. Please check out the link above.


  • Veterans Starting Small Businesses - Click here.

Technology Support

Maryland MedicareAdvantage Plans Information

  • SelectQuote will help you cut through the clutter of Medicare.  In just minutes, we can compare all the Medicare options available for you.  Don’t wait to ensure you’re getting all the benefits you deserve.  Click here now,  to find out more!


  • Designed to be an all-in-one solution, Medicare Advantage Plans are offered by Medicare-approved private insurance companies. There are several types of Medicare Advantage Plans available, depending on your insurance provider and location. Learn the differences between these plans and how they affect your coverage so that you can make the right choice for your medical situation.  Please click here for more information.

Mesothelioma and Other Injury Help Information     

  • Mesothelioma Resource Group - A mesothelioma diagnosis can be shocking and stressful — but we’re here to help. Mesothelioma Resource Group can connect you with medical professionals, top treatments, and financial aid right now. Our team is dedicated to helping you and your family in any way we can.

  • Asbestos Exposure - Asbestos is a dangerous mineral that was extensively used in almost everything up until a couple of decades ago. For this reason, asbestos is still lurking in many places, including building, military products, and even schools. That's why we wanted to make a guide that details asbestos exposure and gives other information.  Check it out by clicking on the link above.



  • Mesothelioma Lawyer Center - Choosing the right legal representation for you and your family is crucial. It can also be overwhelming.  At Mesothelioma Lawyer Center , we clear through the confusion on your behalf and connect you with highly respected mesothelioma lawyers near you.


  • Mesothelioma - Please click HERE for informational resources related to Mesothelioma.



Volunteer Opportunities

  • CATHERINE FOUNDATION Bilingual Volunteers Needed

    Request for bilingual women volunteers that may have a day or two (or more) a month to help us out with our Spanish population.  We have one very dedicated staff member Kathy Martin that sees clients 4 days a week every week and she desperately needs some help. Training will be provided but the main requirement is to be of good standing with the Church. 

    Interest and more information regarding this position can be sent to or may call 301-932-8811 and ask Kathy Martin.




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